Polly Sanders Petersen

Polly Sanders Petersen

Denver, CO – July, 2015 – Accomplished hairstylist and business owner, Polly Sanders-Peterson is celebrating 10 years at the Denver Sola Salon Studios in Cherry Creek North. The celebration will be hosted at Polly and Company at the Denver Sola Salon Studios in Cherry Creek North on Saturday, August 1st and Monday August 3rd from 4-6 PM both days. Please stop by and join her in toasting her success with a glass of mimosa or champagne.

Polly recalls the day she met Matt Briger and Stratton Smith, the founders of Sola Salon Studios, and how they helped her restore her confidence after losing her salon business, so she could begin again. Matt said, “Polly have you ever had to start over before?” Polly responded with a, “yes sir.” So, with restored hope and new energy, she set out to abound at 60 years of age and abound she did. She used her faith in God and asked God to help her regain confidence and restore her clients. To her surprise, she has been more successful here than at any of her prior salon locations. She has paid off $40,000 in debt, regained her beloved clients, authored two books with a third on the way, and she has continued her beloved work in the women’s prison and her community projects with the emotional hurting, wounded, rejected and poor. She is still loving her salon business and her community work at 71 years of age.

Polly started her new scholarship fund for a needy cosmetology student last year at the Emily Griffith Opportunity School. She has committed to offer a scholarship for as long as she is behind the chair. The scholarship will be awarded to a cosmetology student in need of financial assistance at the Emily Griffith’s School of Cosmetology. Tax deductible donations to the scholarship fund can be given as you drop by for a toast of champagne or sent to Covenant House of Love, P.O. Box 9727 Denver, Colorado, 80209. Checks should be made out to Covenant House of Love. No reservations are needed; just drop by Saturday or Monday from 4pm – 6pm and enjoy a toast of a glass of mimosa or champagne and some light snacks. Sanders-Peterson is thankful for your tax deductible donations for her scholarship fund and your great support for a needy cosmetology student.

Polly Sanders-Peterson is a stylist and owner of Polly & Company Beauty Salon, an author, and an ordained pastor. She is the founder and president of Covenant House of Love Ministries, a non-profit outreach ministry. She has authored two books, “Love Search” and “Power of Perseverance”. Sanders-Peterson is also a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother and she loves her work behind the chair and community.

For more information about Polly & Company or Polly Sanders-Peterson, please visit: facebook.com/pollyandcompany, and covenanthouseoflove.com.
Email: pollyandco@msn.com | Phone: 1 (800) 584- 0885.